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Case Study

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Black Travel Expo

How Black Travel Expo used Hands In to advertise group sales

The BTE is the premier weekend conference and trade show for Black travel consumers to learn about new destinations within the United States and internationally. It is the place to hear amazing travel stories, receive great advice, learn how to travel smart, and find out who’s who in the Black travel industry.

Business Challenges

Conversion on high basket items

Identifying anonymous buyers

Ability to upsell and cross sell 

"The Hands In platform was exactly what we needed for Black Travel Expo.

Some of our attendees needed to attend the event as a group and this came in handy when processing their payments. We look forward to providing Hands In for our future events." 

- Maurice Foley, Founder Black Travel Expo

What solved their challenges

Hosted Checkout
Black Travel Expo desired to increase conversions on group bookings but traditional payment providers made it difficult for BTE to convert group purchases without increasing friction for attendees.  

Hands In provided a simple pre-configured button integrated directly into the checkout flow. Allowing attendees to pay together for group packages, increasing conversions and bringing joy to customers. 

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