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Product Update - Hands In 🙌

Hands In is the global leader in group payment services for online retail. Today announced the launch of a series of new features that dramatically improve all of the Hands In's products and services for new and existing clients. Here's a rundown of the latest features launched.


Re-authorization of cancelled payments 📛

If a group size changes and the total authorization amount per person changes, the original authorization amounts are cancelled and paid-up group members are required to re-authorize a new payment share. 1) Removal of member 👋

We've recently implemented a 'saved card' feature that enables the card details for each payer to be saved at the checkout.

So now when a group member cancels or defaults from payment and the remaining group members are required to reauthorize a new payment share an email is sent from Hands In to head back to the checkout and reauthorize the new payment amount. 2) Reminder Email 📩

3) Card details are saved for re-authorization 🔃

Completing and capturing the payment in seconds despite the drop off from one group member 😁


Sandbox is Now Avaliable ⏺️

Want to test Hands In before you go live? Use our sandbox mode to test payments within the platform. Create a test account to start testing group payments here Toggle 🟡🔵


New Merchant Dashboard 💻

The all-in place to manage your group payment needs, teams can get access to new sales analytics, switch between payment providers and easily reconcile and manage all group payments. Sales Dashboard 📊

Group Payment Page 🔬

Individual payment IDs 💳

Coming soon 👀

  • Dynamic Pricing - Does you’re website have dynamic pricing? Very soon, we will enable merchants to capture group payments even when the price changes through the pre-auth authorization of payments.

  • Shift 4 - Connection is expected to be live very soon!


We hope you enjoyed reading our latest merchant update for 2022 update! As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you want to discuss further.



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