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White-Label Split Payments: Benefits it Offers

With our solutions, Group Payments and Multi Card, the landscape of split payments is forever changed. 

The direction of travel across all industries, especially industries with high basket values like aviation and hospitality, is to have innovative Paytech solutions integrated at checkout. Not only does this enhance user experience, but it also reduces abandoned carts, failed payments, and the number of customers going to competitors. 

It’s understandable to want to develop this in-house or via an agency, however this can incur significant costs- and there’s no guarantee that the final product will be what you envisioned. 

As a pioneering split payments provider, we offer white-labelling services for our products as part of our custom packages. This means Hands In split payment solutions can be branded according to our clients’ specifications, meaning you get all the benefits of Paytech innovation, without compromising your brand image.

By white-labelling Hands In products, you can:

Make innovation your USP

By white-labelling Hands In’s split payment solution, you are associating your brand name with cutting-edge innovation across both Paytech and Fintech. 

This will be a major differentiator among your competitors, demonstrating that your brand is at the forefront of the industry. Promoting these innovations in press releases and social media will only improve your brand reputation for both competitors and among the other players in the industry.  

Enhance your user experience, while staying true to your brand

User experience is crucial to ensuring the maximum number of purchases are made. Reducing abandoned carts and failed payments are essential to supporting growth and enhancing your bottom-line. 

By leveraging Hands In’s split payment solutions at checkout, users have more ways to pay than ever. This makes purchases incredibly convenient and accommodates for smaller budgets, credit card limits, and payments split between several people. 

All this, and you’re not attributing this groundbreaking technology to anyone other than your own brand, making pioneering technology become part of your overall brand image.

Experience rapid growth at low cost

Innovation ends up becoming costly if done in-house or via an agency, as you must allocate a significant amount of time and budget to this endeavour. When you have countless other matters to attend to as part of business as usual, allocating significant amounts of resources elsewhere can be challenging. 

At the same time, investing in innovation will lead to growth in terms of revenue and reputation. This is where split payment providers come in.

By white-labelling Hands In’s Paytech solutions, you’re able to facilitate this accelerated growth through innovation, without having to invest in the development of such complex technology. 

Access support for any queries 

When white- labelling Hands In’s checkout integrations, you can access customer support should an issue or query arise. This means that in the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties using the technology, our team are on hand to assist you and quickly find the perfect solutions.

Indeed, Hands In’s technology is tried and tested- as well as trusted by major brands such as Air Europa. Therefore, you can be confident this is a Paytech solution that works and delivers results.

If you're interested in white-labelling groundbreaking Paytech solutions from an established split payment provider and taking your checkout experience and revenues to new heights, then get in touch here.


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