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Hands In Launches New Group Payment Link Service For Retailers

Hands In, the global leader in group payment services for online retail. Today announced the launch of a new group payment link service for retailers selling to large groups. Retailers can sign up today and create payment links to send to large groups and start collecting money on autopilot like never before.

Why We’ve Launched This?

The current old-fashioned method in place that buyers know too well is one person is designated the lead organiser of the group payment. It then becomes an endless burden for the unfortunate lead buyer to upfront or collect all of the individual payments to then pay on one card on behalf of the group.

As a result customer experiences are not being fully optimized, as the responsibility of chasing all the buyers to pay is often overwhelming and can lead to some unfortunate circumstances for the lead buyer. In a study conducted by You Gov, it has been revealed that a third of organisers are not getting paid back by their fellow party-goers.

However, the burden does not just fall on the customer but also on the retailer…

The size of the volume of group bookings creates a cash flow and operational nightmare for retailers who also have to chase up all of the buyers to have orders paid on time.


Why We’re a Better Partner For Retailers? With traditional payment link platforms to split a transaction the retailer is forced to gather up all of the emails from the lead buyer and then send individual payment links out to each payee.

In our new system retailers only have to create one payment link that automatically is sent out to the lead buyer once the transaction is created. From here, the lead buyer takes care of the rest by adding all of the names of each payee and inviting them to the checkout page to join and pay their share in a checkout time set by the retailer.

Automated payment reminders are also sent out in a controlled sequence to each payee that has not paid their share. Saving the retailer the time and hassle of constantly chasing every payee to pay. So your only job is just to sit back and watch the money roll in. What do our customers say?

Hands In have launched its payment service with Visit Carlingford, the one-stop site for everything while coming to Carlingford. Visit Carlingford offer a number of different packages for Golf, Family Breaks, Sport & Work Team bonding weekends, Hiking, and Hen & Stag Parties. Hands-In has been incremental to driving group sales for Visit Carlingford, converting 100% of the payments created within just 7 days.

Richard Brennan, Managing Director at Visit Carlingford "Hands In have been fantastic to deal with. We deal with different groups of people on a weekly bases for different events and this system makes it so seamless for the customer to pay as a group. Their platform is exactly what we needed here at VisitCarlingford."


Want to learn more about how this can help your business? Book a call with us here.


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