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Our Journey

Founded in 2022, and headquartered in London, Hands In achieved significant milestones within 18 months, securing a $500K funding round with backing from former and current leaders at leading payment organisations such as Go Cardless, WorldPay, and Elavon.

Recognized for innovation, we received awards for Startup Innovation of the Year at the Merchant Payment Ecosystem, TTG30U30, and were finalists for Travel Evolution Startup of the Year. Proudly serving clients in the travel and hospitality sector, we actively contribute to the payment ecosystem through strategic partnerships with notable gateways, acquirers, and payment orchestration platforms. Collaborations include Air Europa, one of Europe's largest airlines, and leading Payment Orchestrators like Cell Point Digital, Yuno, BR-DGE, and INAI.

Hands In remains committed to continuous progress, and our momentum shows no signs of slowing down


  • Funding: Raised $500K (pre-seed)

  • Awards: Winner Of Start-Up Innovation Of The Year At the Merchant Payment Ecosystem

  • Awards: Short-listed for Travolution Start-Up Year Payment Ecosystem

  • Formed Our Industry Leading Advisory Board Comprising notable names such as David Birch, David Parker, and Paul Van Alfen.

  • Press Recognition: Acknowledged as one of TTG30U30, Featured by Retail Week as a Top 9 Payment Disruptor, and Voted as one of the 15 Fastest Growing Payment Startups by Startup London.

  • Partnerships: Formed industry-leading collaborations with renowned names such as Air Europa, Cell Point Digital, BR-DGE, Inai, and Yuno.


  • Launched With Our First Client

The Core Values We Hold

Continuous Innovation

We fuel constant innovation, empowering the team to think creatively and stay industry-forward, ensuring we lead in groundbreaking solutions.


Extra Mile Dedication

Hands In celebrates exceeding expectations, fostering a culture that rewards and recognizes exceptional efforts, driving a commitment to excellence in every task.


Collaborative Teamwork

Valuing every member's unique contributions, creating a synergy that propels our collective success across the FinTech and payment spaces.



Hands In takes pride in precision, delivering high-quality work through meticulous attention to detail, crafting outcomes that reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence.



We tailor processes and products, prioritising customer needs through feedback and swift solutions, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction and loyalty.


Positive Atmosphere

Hands In cultivates a positive, supportive atmosphere, prioritizing employee well-being and celebrating achievements, fostering an environment where individuals thrive and collaborate seamlessly.


Meet The Leadership Team


David Parker, CEO of Polymath Consulting, is a leading figure in the payments sector. With extensive experience and a passion for innovation, he has guided and advised fintech companies, including Curve, Konsentus, KYP, and others.

His insights and dedication make him an ambassador for change in the financial technology landscape.

David Parker

  • LinkedIn

Fintech Chairman | Investor | NED Advisor


As the Chief Technology Officer of fintech unicorn You Lend, Mark Ufland is a true wizard and an extraordinary talent in the field. His remarkable expertise and innovative vision have propelled You Lend to new heights, solidifying its status as a fintech powerhouse.

Ufland's mastery of tech and his unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible make him an indispensable figure within the industry, shaping the future of fintech in remarkable ways.

Mark Ufland

  • LinkedIn

CTO | YouLend


A prominent figure in finance and technology, he is a trusted advisor to companies like BankFi, Qiwi, Payment Works, and Bitsafe. With a remarkable career marked by keen insights and strategic guidance, he has consistently demonstrated expertise in shaping the fintech landscape.

His contributions to Europe's largest merchant-acquiring conferences have left an indelible mark on the industry's evolution.

David Birch

  • LinkedIn

Global Advisor and Investor in Digital Financial Services


A distinguished figure in the realm of travel payments, Paul, widely regarded as a pioneer in the field, leads his consultancy firm, Up In The Air, playing a pivotal role in advising numerous global airlines and online travel agencies. With a commitment to innovation and a deep understanding of the travel industry, his expertise has left an indelible mark on the way businesses navigate the complex world of travel payments.

Paul's contributions continue to shape and refine the future of payment solutions in the travel sector, making him an invaluable asset to the industry.

Paul van Alfen

  • LinkedIn

Travel Payments Strategist
| Up in the Air

Backed By Industry Leading Advisors

With their extensive knowledge of global business, the travel industry, payments, technology, and innovation, they continually inspire us with fresh ideas, encourage us to embrace bold thinking, and champion our pursuit of greater achievements.

The dynamic developer, CTO and Co-founder of Hands In, driving the tech engine of this innovative venture. With an unyielding dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology, Raul's journey began at Imperial College London, previously worked at Intel, Money Duct and further served as a quant engineer G-research, he discovered his true passion for self-creation during this time, and it was here that his brilliant tech mind laid the foundational stones for a groundbreaking payment revolution.

Raul Patel's relentless pursuit of innovation and his exceptional expertise continue to drive transformative change within the industry.

Raul Patel

CTO & Co-Founder

  • Raul Patel (CTO) Linked In

The visionary Founder and CEO of Hands In. As a seasoned serial entrepreneur, he has garnered widespread recognition for his exceptional achievements. Featured in prestigious media outlets like the BBC and acclaimed as a Fintech Rising Star, he has also earned a place among Tomorrow’s Travel Leaders (TTG - 30 Under 30), Fintech Times, and FF Finance.

Samuel's remarkable contributions have not only sowed the seeds for a payment revolution within the travel industry but have also firmly established him as a trailblazer in the fintech arena.

CEO & Co-Founder

Samuel Flynn

  • Samuel Flynn (CEO) Linked In

Our Investors

Backed by prominent US venture capital firms and supported by current and former executives from leading payment organizations, Hands In stands at the forefront of innovation in the payment industry.

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