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Enhance Group Bookings & Elevate The Experience For Higher Average Transaction Value Bookings

Transform customer booking experiences for high-value purchases by allowing them to split payments across multiple cards and with their peers.

Leisure And Hospitality

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Increase Conversion On Higher Basket Purchases

Craft unforgettable experiences for your guests right from the checkout. Enable split payments across multiple cards and individuals to drive conversions and boost incremental business.


Reduce Card Declines

Card payments may fail due to insufficient funds, especially on high-ticket items.


Mitigate the risk of card decline at checkout and recover failed payments by spreading the payment across multiple cards and groups.


Expand Marketing Reach and Drive NPS

Identify every customer at checkout and create a purchasing experience your customers will love!


Reduce Card Declines On High Basket Purchases

Enhance the affordability of hospitality and leisure events by empowering customers to split payments across several cards. This not only boosts conversions but also mitigates card declines caused by insufficient funds.

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Leisure and hospitality demo
Leisure and hospitality demo

Facilitate ticket and activity purchases by allowing customers to split the costs at the checkout, ensuring everyone can contribute their individual share seamlessly.

Elevate Group Booking Experiences With Split Payments

All Managed In
One Place

Handle refunds, chargebacks, and disputes all in our platform or via our API.

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Reconcile the entire payment all via our platform

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View customer data profiles and contact them ahead of or even during their booking

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