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Struggling to find answers. Look no further, at Hands In we strive to provide full clarity for all our services. On this page, you will find our FAQ, policies and additional documentation for all customer support.

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  • Inventory being held, how does it work in our system?
    We do not handle any of your systems inventory. Our system creates an order based on the products being paid for. Once the transaction has completed, you will be notified and how you handle this in your system is up to you.
  • reconcilliation, how does it work in our system?
    When a single or group payment is created you can store a reference ID within it (take a look at docs), to help reconcile with an internal reference order.
  • Interchange fee’s, how does it work on our system?
    Interchange fees will not change with our platform, whatever your negotiated rates with your connected PSP (Payment Service Provider) and bank will remain the same.
  • PCI, how does it work in our system?
    Hands In works at a layer above PSPs, so we are fully PCI compliant. We do not store any card details within our system and all card processing is handled by your the PSP which you connect to your Hands In Merchant account.
  • Refunds, how does it work in our system?
    Hands In supports multiple refund flows, both through the Merchant Dashboard and API. In particular we support: Full group payment refunds Single customer refunds Partial customer refunds Otherwise, if you would like to make refunds outside of our platform, these can be done through finding and refunding payments through your connected PSP's dashboard as described here.
  • Does an end-user to create an account with Hands In?
    Consumers To take part in a payment using hands in, no account is required. When each user joins into a group payment, a unique link is generated for them to revisit that payment dashboard as themselves. Owners and members of a group can perform all the actions they need without making any accounts, the only prerequisite is having an email address that they can provide when first joining/creating a group payment so that they can be uniquely identified and emailed updates/receipts etc. Businesses To start enabling/creating Hands In payments a business will need to create accounts with us. First a Hands In Account is required, these belong to each individual, one can be created by heading to (this will redirect the user to to login or create an account). This will require simple information about the person such as name/email/password. Then once logged in as a Hands In account, a Merchant Account can be created, this belongs to each business using Hands In. This will require a bit of information about the business such as name/logo image/contact email/currency used. After a merchant account has been created the merchant dashboard at can be used do things such as access payment records, create new payments and connect payment gateways. A merchant can start using Hands In payments by either creating payment links from the dashboard manually or by integrating their site with our API to automatically create group payments for customers shopping on their site.
  • How do charge backs work?
    Disputes will not be raised or handled through Hands In. As Hands In connects directly with your PSP, all disputes and chargebacks can be handled through there. If you are struggling to find the reference to a payment on your PSP check out our docs for looking up a group payment here
  • Is this product white-labelled?
    All of our custom built packages provide a completely white-labelled service. Our Pay As You Go plan will not offer white-label services. If you would like to receive a white-labelled version of our products, please get in contact with our sales team at
  • What happens if someone cancels but the rest of the group still wants to pay?
    If a group size changes and the total authorization amount per person changes, the original authorization amounts are cancelled and paid-up group members are required to re-authorize a new payment share. Card details are automatically saved at the checkout. So now when a group member cancels or defaults from payment and the remaining group members are required to reauthorize a new payment share an email is sent from Hands In to head back to the checkout and reauthorize the new payment amount. Completing and capturing the payment in seconds despite the drop off from one group member.
  • Can the lead buyer remove members?
    Yes, the lead buyer or ‘owner’ of the group payment has the permissions to remove or send reminders to members of the group. They can do this from their group dashboard by clicking the drop-down below a particular member from the list of people in the group and selecting remove member.
  • What happens to the money when someone cancels a payment?
    If someone cancels their individual payment, then the authorized payment will no longer be held and the money will re-appear back in the bank account. No one will be charged.
  • How are payments captured?
    Our system is similar to how hotel payments are captured at check-in where a buyer typically has their card pre-authorized by the hotel upon checking in and then upon checking out the payment amount is then captured and the card is then settled. We do the exact same, upon each user agreeing to pay we pre-authorize the payment and freeze the funds in their bank account, once the total payment amount has been made up by the group the funds are captured from each users bank account and the cards are settled.
  • How long is the checkout time?
    Our system supports instant and delayed capture. Currently the maximum length of time a group payment can be is 7 days (168 hours). There is no minimum but we recommend a suitable enough of time to give everyone in the group enough time to join and pay. This can be tested via our sandbox.
  • How do I connect my gateway?
    Login in to your hands in account and then select the merchant you would like to connect a gateway too. From the dashboard sidebar, select "connect gateway" to be able to view all possible gateways you can connect too. From the list, select your gateway and follow the instructions on screen.
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