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Hands In Partners With Inai To Expand Into Asia-Pacific, Australian, and China (APAC) markets

Hands In, the leading group payments solution provider, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Inai, the APAC regional payment specialist. This pioneering collaboration aims to spearhead transformative growth in the travel, leisure, and hospitality sector, offering innovative payment solutions to clients in Europe and expanding into the Asia-Pacific, Australian, and China (APAC) markets. The partnership is especially beneficial to travel, leisure, and hospitality merchants, as group payments frequently encounter increased failed payment rates. This is commonly caused by customers covering the full expense of travel, trips, and excursions using a single card. As a result, due to the greater financial pressure placed on the individual fulfilling the transaction, the customer journey is lengthened before payment is even attempted.

Hands In is designed to reduce the possibility of failed payments with their revolutionary group payment solution. The compatibility of Hands In's technology with existing acquirer, gateway, and payment orchestration solutions ensures a seamless integration process for clients. By uniting with inai, Hands In further enhances accessibility for merchants within the booming APAC region to their advanced payment services.

"We are thrilled to join forces with inai to provide better payment options for consumers and travel merchants in the Asia Pacific region," said Samuel Flynn, Founder of Hands In.

"Our solution is perfect for group travellers and merchants as it streamlines the group payment process, allowing individuals to split the cost of the basket at checkout with their peers while ensuring merchants receive a consolidated payment, therefore, generating incremental revenue”, added Flynn.

The collaboration between Hands In and Inai aligns with Inai's strategic expansion into the travel sector. By incorporating Hands In's unique group payment service into its payment orchestration platform, Inai gains a competitive edge and the ability to offer its clients a distinctive payment solution.

“At Inai, we are committed to recreating the travel payment landscape, and our partnership with Hands In brings us closer to our objective," affirms Zachary Liang, Head of Partnerships at Inai.

Liang explains the benefits for the travel sector adding, "Our Focus is on trying to understand our clients to provide solutions that work. Our combined expertise in payment orchestration and Hands In's revolutionary group payment technology will empower our clients across the Asia-Pacific, Australian, and China markets, delivering streamlined payment processes and enhanced customer experiences."

By leveraging Inai and Hands In’s well-established footprint in the hospitality, leisure, and travel industries, the partnership aims to reshape the future of payment solutions, creating a smooth, hassle-free experience for consumers and merchants.


About Hands In Hands In is the world’s leading group payment solution provider, committed to delivering easy-to-use plug-and-play payment technology that can function with existing acquirers, gateway, and payment orchestration solutions. The Hands In technology simplifies the payment process, allowing individuals to pay separately while ensuring merchants receive a consolidated payment. With a Plug-and-play simplicity, Hands In enables seamless scalability for businesses.

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About Inai

Inai's no-code payment orchestration platform simplifies payment processes. It supports over 50 payment vendors and 300+ payment methods globally. Within its suite of products, it also offers Revenue Optimization and Reconciliation (RRR) as a standalone product that sits along with the merchant's payment stack and helps maximize revenue and streamline payment operations. To learn more about Inai, visit

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