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Customers Facing Challenges Paying For High-Basket Purchases?

Let them Split The Payment Across Multiple Cards and People.

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Group Notification
Group Notification Reminder

Split Payments Across Multiple Cards

Single Payments

Allow customers to pay across multiple cards at checkout.

Reducing card declines due to insufficient funds

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Increase conversions on card purchases

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Decrease payment friction on high basket purchases

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Automated payment reminders sent out on your behalf

Allow larger groups to pay for their individual share outside of the checkout

Pay By Link

Group Payments

Set the deadline you want customers to pay

Reconcile all transactions in one place

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Payment link demo

Generate incremental revenue by driving conversions on group purchases at the checkout

Split The Cost Of The Basket At Checkout

Group Payments

Split payments with your peers, so you only pay your share!

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Connected directly with your pre-existing payment infrastructure

Expand your marketing reach and improve your NPS

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Group Payment Demo
Group Mobile Notification
Group Mobile Notification

Add Hands In With Just 20 Lines Of Code


Enjoy a hassle-free integration process using our tutorials, code snippets, API documentation, Client libraries and SDKs.

Comprehensive Guides

We provide a series of guides to help you get started with everything you need

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API  code snippet
Multi card demo

Explore our API reference to see which endpoints are available

Robust API Endpoints

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