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How to split payments online across multiple cards with Hands In

struggling to pay online

It’s not unusual in physical stores to be able to split payments across different payment methods- such as splitting your payment between cash and a debit card.  

Paytech is evolving- and now there is an ever-growing demand for payments to be split across multiple cards, especially in retail sectors with higher cost items or services, which may make it difficult for a customer to upfront the entire purchase on one card. 

This is especially true for a customer group with lower credit limits like Gen Z and Millennials. Not only this, but 40% of Gen Z and Millennials have two or more credit cards, so enabling split payments eases the friction of purchasing products as an individual by using the resources they already have.


Split payment across multiple cards is evidently the future of card payment solutions for online retailers that operate in sectors of high- value baskets like Airlines, Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure. For example, Air Europa is trailblazing in this area, by offering split payments at checkout with Hands In. 


“By offering our customers a secure seamless way to split payments, we have full confidence that we can significantly reduce payment failures and enhance the overall booking experience.” 

Yago Casasnovas - Head of payments & distribution, AirEuropa 


So, meet Multi Card payments at the checkout.  

Multi Card seamlessly allows for payments to be split across multiple cards at checkout, revolutionising the term split payments that’s traditionally coined by services like Buy Now Pay Later and installment payments. This innovation means that multiple cards can be used to pay directly at the checkout to avoid friction when a customer's credit limit may be exceeded.  

Multi Card, developed by the leading split payment provider Hands In, integrates seamlessly into the checkout process for both businesses and their customers, as you can see here:

Why are Split Payments across Multiple Cards Significant for customers and businesses?  

Put simply, they empower the customer to maximize their financial assets and they resolve friction in the payments process for merchants. There are several tangible benefits for the customer and merchants when split payment across multiple cards is implemented, such as: 


Card limits don’t restrict purchases  

Say an individual has a credit limit they’re about to exceed and don’t have enough money in their debit account, with Multi Card they can split the purchase between their credit and debit cards. This avoids exceeding credit limits and going into overdrafts- all in one secure online payment. 


Abandoned checkouts decrease 

The average abandoned cart rate is 80% in the travel industry, according to DigginTravel. So, we see payment is naturally a factor that causes people to reflect and withdraw in this industry, possibly through lack of funds or an inconvenient check-out process.  

With Multi Card, successful payment is more attainable than ever, with the ability to divide the purchase between multiple payment sources, whether those are one person’s multiple cards or multiple cards from different individuals. Multi Card seamlessly plugs into your checkout page and is even available once a card declines, reducing the number of unsuccessful transactions on your site through this card payment solution.    

Conversion value increases 

 If your customers know that payments can be split, then larger and more considered purchases are far more accessible and achievable for them. This means high value conversions, such as booking long-haul flights, are completed easily in one secure online payment across multiple cards.   


User experience is enhanced, and retention goes up 

With such a sophisticated user experience, your customers will know where to go when they want to repeat the purchase. Especially as Multi Card means that the purchaser is empowered with more options for how they pay, bypassing limitations on their credit limit and keeping them out of overdrafts.   


Technology for secure online payments will continue to evolve and, with Hands In's split payments being part of this payment innovation wave, this trend will be ongoing. See how you can benefit from Multi Card here or get in touch to find out more about how Hands In will boost your conversion rates with game-changing payment innovations. 


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