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Looking for an innovative merchant services provider?

We’ve assembled the best of the best when it comes to Paytech innovation and innovative secure payments solutions. Whether you’re intrigued by the increased ROI offered by split payments or if you want to protect your business against the financial implications of fraud, there’s a payments provider for you.  


The top four innovations in secure payments solutions 


Br-dge are payment orchestrators that allow their customers to innovate at scale. They do this by allowing their customer to connect to a host of payment service providers, including:  

  • Card schemes 

  • Alternative payment methods 

  • Payment service providers 

  • Digital wallets  

All through one seamless integration. This makes your payment stack far more flexible and future-proof- with no code required! 

Signifyd reduces fraudulent orders for eCommerce businesses through a combination of machine learning models, data, and manual reviews.

Signfyd offers a guarantee to merchants that they will take responsibility for fraudulent orders, allowing these organisations to focus on opening into new markets with reduced risk. For businesses who have frequent chargebacks for fraudulent orders, this merchant services provider is invaluable.  

Omnichannel payments are set to become the norm for businesses as digital transformation has forever changed the way that we interact with brands. Nuvei’s clients (which include the likes of Shein,, and WestJet) can offer cryptocurrency payments, as well as Buy Now Pay Later and digital wallets.  

Stablecoin payments have been flagged as an emerging payments trend and Nuvei enables payments through stablecoins in real-time, with their seamless 24/7 settlement services across blockchains. Stablecoin payments have lower costs associated, so have a positive impact on business cash flow.  

Even if your business is in an industry where crypto payments are not applicable, digital wallets are crucial to adopt. According to Finextra, “by 2027, digital wallets are expected to comprise half of all e-commerce spend in the UK, worth £203.5 billion”. Therefore, digital wallets are a building block of payment success in 2024 and beyond.  


Hands In Split Payments include Multi Card and Group Payments, where transactions can be split at checkout between multiple cards and multiple individuals, respectively. For high-value purchases, such as in the luxury goods or travel industries, this is a game-changer.  

Multi Card eliminates insufficient funds and credit limits as barriers to conversion, by allowing customers to split the total across two cards. 

Group Payments increase the success of group transactions because not one single person must front the cost, as this is spread across all members of the group. This, like Multi Card, vastly improves the user experience and makes high-value purchases far more accessible and convenient for budget-conscious individuals and groups. 


Are you looking for a secure payments solution to facilitate split payments? 

If you’re in the market for:  

  • A better user experience 

  • Less abandoned carts on high-value purchases 

  • Reduced failed payments 

Then the Hands In team are best placed to advise on the split payments solution that will work most efficiently to recapture your lost revenue- get in touch here.  




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